• Assoc. Dr. Unsal Ozkuvanci
    Pediatric Urology, Reconstructive Urology, Andrology and Functional Urology Specialist.
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Doç. Dr. Ünsal Özkuvancı

Urology and pediatric urology specialist. Dr Ozkuvanci completed his urology residency training in the urology clinic of Haseki training and research hospital in 1996. He worked as a urology specialist in the same clinic in the sub-branches of reconstructive urology, andrology and pediatric urology. After passing  the official pediatric urology exam, he completed his pediatric urology education in İstanbul University, İstanbul medical faculty of urology/pediatric urology department and became an official pediatric urology specialist in 2018. He became an associate professor of urology after his Works published in national and international journals in the fields of pediatric urolgy, reconstructive urology,andrology and functional urology.

Individual Approach to Each Patient
Doç. Dr. Ünsal Özkuvancı
Circumcision should not lag behind the ceremony and dress.
Doç. Dr. Ünsal Özkuvancı
Circumcision is the work of a pediatric urologist.
Doç. Dr. Ünsal Özkuvancı
Simple treatments in urethral stricture can make the disease worse.